Marshall’s Caramel Creme Sawn Sandstone

installed: From bare soil and development mess to this stunning patio garden [...]

Raised sleeper garden

installed: With just a sloped paved garden and no where to relax  we lowered and created this sleeper garden.[...]

Sleeper water feature

installed:Stainless steel water blade fountain we installed into a sleeper back drop and pond.[...]

Sunken Sandstone circle

installed: With access difficult and a steep incline we built this circle patio surrounded with rasied beds in sleepers.[...]

latest Projects

  • Bosbigal Artificial Lawns

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    Bosbigal would like to introduce to you a new supplier and product range from Namgrass. Not only will we be supplying this fantastic range of Artificial grass but we have become one of Namgrass Approved installers. We at Bosbigal pride ourselves in only using the best quality products and when it come to laying a artificial lawns we believe that Namgrass is by far the best....
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  • New Site

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    This is our new site which we hope to be able to update daily with our current work and information, it is how ever still being updated and some links or portfolios may not be up or working and we are working hard to get all this sorted so please bear with us....
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  • New Soakaway

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    The job at hand was to install a new soak-away with land drainage -160mm perforated pipe to stop the mass of  water that come down frome the customers adjacent field and floods the driveway. The best thing for us to do was cut the flow of the water before it gets to the driveway...
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